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What can I do WITHOUT a Building Consent?

All building work must comply with the building code, however some work doesn’t need a Building Consent. Read on to see what can you do WITHOUT a Building Consent ….

If you are a building or home owner that is planning work and intend to carry it out yourself, then we have some guidance on what you can do without a building consent! Trade and sector professionals may be commissioned to do the work and provide advice on your project. All building work, whether it needs a building consent or is exempt, must still comply with the Building Code and other relevant legislation. For example work on plumbing, gas fitting, drain laying, electrical etc will still need to be to code and get relevant sign off from professionals. We are here to help, see below for a couple examples of types of work you don’t need a consent for…


Without a consent you can do various works including general repair, maintenance and replacement. You can build single-storey detached buildings not exceeding 10 square meters, depending on its material you can also build something slightly bigger (10-30sqm). Demolition of a detached building up to 3 stories high is also permitted without consent. Various exterior/landscaping works including building porches, veranda's, some pools, platforms, bridges and boardwalks are also permitted to a certain size and scope. Please see below for a more extensive list:


Building work that does not require a consent listed below:

1.       General alterations, maintenance and removal

2.       Detached, standalone buildings

3.       Windows, doors and walls

4.       Plumbing and drawings

5.       Insulation and moisture barriers

6.       Porches, veranda's and pergola's

7.       Platforms, decks bridges

8.       Shelters, shades and carports

9.       Fencing and restrictions

10.    Playground equipment

11.    Pools, tanks and dams

12.    Signage

13.    Support structures

14.    Other structure

15.    Network utilities


Each of the items above have detailed breakdowns as to what is exempt from Building Consent you can view via this LINK! The full list of exemptions are contained in Schedule 1 of the Act. Even though some work may not require a building consent, it may have conditions too. For example, if you have a porch or veranda with a floor area of 20-30 square meters, a carport with a floor area of 20-40 square meters, shed or sleep out with a maximum floor area of 30 square meters. You could also get an exemption.

How can W2 help you?

If you are unsure whether or not your building work is exempt from requiring a Council consent please speak to our team today! We have charted professional engineers at W2 who can review your proposed design or work on site, so even if your work is exempt from building consent we can assist with sign off! It’s an exciting time when planning a project, let us help you get the sign offs you need.

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