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STAGE 4 – Construction Phase Explained

How can W2 help you when you are ready to start on site?


W2 are here to help you get that dream project built! We can be as involved as much or as little as you like. We start by helping review any RFIs (Request for Information) from Consenting Authorities. We also review shop drawings, coordinate with your consultants, and issue a full set of Construction Drawings.


Once you have chosen your selected builder the first step will be to determine who is the Contract Administrator (client appointed). W2 is experienced is running and administrating Contracts. Once appointed we can set up your pre-contract meetings between you and your contractor. In these meetings we facilitate the Contract set up which formally organizes and defines the construction work to take place. Factors that influence this contract selection are, the size of the project, specific client or contractor exclusions and inclusions, commercial or residential build, is it a fixed price? Who is administrating the contract? Etc. Once your contract is set up there is a range of site support and Contract management that happens regularly. See below for a list of tasks that we can help with.


What work is involved in Stage 4 – Construction Phase?

  • Review Tenders in detail

  • Selecting and Preparing the Contract

  • Monitoring the Site works progress

  • Releasing Payments

  • Issue payments to the contractor

  • Reviewing Payment Claims

  • Instructing variations

  • Running Construction Meetings

  • Ensuring all documentation and reports are written and circulated appropriately

  • Issuing schedule of defects

  • Monitoring warranties throughout

  • Issuing final certification and release final retention payments

Using W2 as to help you with the above tasks gives you the reassurance and confidence your project will run smoothly. We help protect you against significant project delays and potential financial risks!


How often are there checks on Site?


Depending on the size of your project we can offer site checks ad-hoc, or as regular as every 2 weeks. This means questions are answered quickly, the project team is communicating clearly and our clients are fully up to date. We create a site report and record each meeting into minutes so no updates are missed. Whether your project is big or small, we aim to take the admin and stress out of a build by personally monitoring your design is being built to its highest quality.


If your project is a smaller renovation you may wish to have Project Support only. This means we can answer calls, or pop to site when needed. This gives you behind the scenes support when you need it. Give our team a call today to discuss what your project requirements are and what you might need help with. We can explain the process step by step and answer any questions you might have.

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