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STAGE 3 – Technical Design Explained

From demolition right through to the colour of your Kitchen cabinetry door handles, our Stage 3 – Technical Design process details everything so we get your project right from the day one! We detail your projects drawings to effectively create a visual instruction manual for your builder. We also produce a Specification which has detail on all the items of your build, e.g. carpentry, insulation, roofing material, finishes, fittings …the list goes on! Our team know the detail your contractor needs in order to price, order, construct and finish your project. We can guide our clients step by step on what is include in this document and give our expert advice on particular finishes or products. When there is a specialty item or requirement beyond our scope we have a pool of consultants to draw expertise from.


What consultants might you need?


At W2 we are a multidisciplinary team that has a vast range of experience. This is what makes your project run smoother and easier! Our team comprises of experts in the Architectural field, Structural Engineering and Interior Design. When your project requires consultants beyond the typical project requirements we have a range of contacts we can reach out to, and coordinate with. These may include specialists in Acoustic Services, Mechanical Engineering (for items like HVAC), Fire, Truss Manufacturing and more! From small alterations to high end multi-story buildings it is likely you may need a specialists input. W2 can coordinate with these specialists to ensure a thorough design is achieved, and your budget is prioritized.


How do I get a price for my Building works?


When the Detailed Drawings and Specification document are polished we prepare to submit these to your local Council for Building Consent (for more information on this is see our Article on Building Consents). Council can take roughly 6-8 weeks to process your application. Once your approval is granted we can send your documents to Builders for pricing. We want to make sure you have the ability to choose the right builder for your needs, therefore we can introduce our clients to a shortlist of suitable contractors. We would typically gather a couple tenders back so you can compare like for like. The builder will give you a detailed schedule which shows a breakdown of your entire projects pricing. Because the documentation W2 produce for you are so detailed, this gives the builders plenty of information to be equally as detailed in their price.


After you select your preferred Contractor you can be as involved in your build process as much or as little as you want to be! We offer services in our Stage 4 – Construction Phase to help you get the right contract for your project, and give you as much on site support as you like! Talk to our team to find out more.

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