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STAGE 2 – Developed Design Explained

Once your Stage 1 - Concept Design is finalized, we move to Stage 2 – Developed Design where we develop your concept into a set of drawings and specifications, coordinate relevant specialists for you, define potential project phasing, check the projects budget is on track, and prepare a Resource Consent application if necessary (which may be a time/cost extra as not all projects require this consent).


What is the first step in detailing my Project?


W2 are experts in coordinating a full Architectural Design into reality. We use our network of contacts to gain relevant reports and approvals necessary to gain approval from Council, and create instructions for your builder to build your project. We start by engaging a Surveyor on your behalf to do a Topographical Survey, and a Geotechnical Engineer to complete a soil test and report. These technical reports inform our team of what your building will be sitting on, and thus how we design the appropriate building for those conditions.


With a concept design and a site report completed we then do a detailed site measure of your existing site/building/structure and fully model it in CAD. This data is used to inform the details of your project and is essential information for Building Consent & Resource Consent applications. While drawing your project in more detail we are then able to start giving you more information on how much the build will cost. See below for how we can help monitor your project cost.


How much will my project cost to build?


In Stage 2 – Developed Design we create developed drawings to a workable solution with sufficient detail and information for cost estimation (Architectural and Structural). Using your budget as a framework for our design, our team can provide an indicative cost of your build. As prices are constantly fluctuating our price is an informed guide only. As an additional step we can offer to send your project to one of our contacts to get an early indication of price. There can be a small fee for this work but can give you peace of mind your project is on budget. We can also give you methods to get more for your money on your project! Strategies like excluding joinery or painting to do yourself, or phasing your project can be really effective ways to help manage costs.


What does Project Phasing mean?


Phasing a building project means to construct a building in stages rather than one continuous process. The advantage of building in phases or stages, is for budgeting reasons (you can build one section first, then months or years later build the next phase), or if there is a high level of complexity (such as a densely occupied site, or a business operation needs to continue). We can help suggest what sections of the build to include in each phase of your project, these can align with any crucial dates our clients require.


The final stage of our Stage 2 process is using the documentation to submit for Resource Consent. This is not always required for your project, our team is incredibly experienced in navigating whether your project needs Resource Consent, and what documents are required for submission to Council. For more information or if you have any questions get in touch with our team!


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