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STAGE 1 - Concept Design Explained

Updated: Jan 23

Our journey with you begins with a discussion about your unique brief, what is important to you, and what is possible within your budget. We then bring your ideas together into a framework that shapes the foundation of your project brief. Our clients often express their style and inspirations through websites and mood boards, we enjoy exploring these with you to help make your project come to life!


After our initial conversations, we dive into creating conceptual models and rough sketches to visually showcase the exciting 3D possibilities! In our collaborative design meetings, we will explore the space together, engaging in discussions to refine and enhance your bespoke concepts. These preliminary drawings, often done by hand or through digital tools, allow our architects to explore various conceptual possibilities. They serve as a medium for brainstorming, experimentation, and communication within the design team. We will meet with you in a series of design meets to discuss and refine your unique project the way you like it.


Following an initial design meeting with you we arrange a day and time suitable to come to your site to do a site survey. The aim of this is to collect data crucial for accurately designing your project. It also means our design team can understand the environment around your site, lighting / trees / neighbours / natural features etc all play a very important role in shaping your design. Our design team will use this information to connect the design with its surroundings. The site often presents challenges and opportunities that make the bespoke design sit harmoniously in its context.


What are some things to think about for a Design Concept?

  • What makes a home for you? Is the Kitchen/Living/Dining the heart of your home?

  • What is the future plan for your project? Is it an asset that will be left for your children, a comfy retirement space, or an investment to sell and move onto the next project.

  • What is your ideal timeline? Our team can give you updated information to manage your expectation on how long the process can take. If you have any critical dates then we can help you hit those.

  • Is your budget appropriate for the size and finish you would like? Here at W2 we are experienced at helping you get the right design for your budget. We also have methods for cost saving in various ways.

As your design develops, your design team is checking through parameters and site considerations to ensure a smooth process. Our team love talking through ideas and making your project come together. The concept phase is an exciting time for our clients. Once a design is agreed upon we move towards Stage 2 – Developed Design where we produce Building Consent drawings. See our article on what these drawings include, how they inform builders on what to build, and what is required for your project build to be a success!


Talk to our team today to get your project started and your vision realized! We look forward to working together with you.

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