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Meadow Mushrooms – Biomimicry in Architecture

Mushrooms are more than an addition to your omelette. They are the product our client grows with great care and delivers all over New Zealand and is our inspiration derived from nature for this project.


What is Biomimicry in Architecture?

The underside of the mushroom cap is lined with gills. These are thin, ribbed structures that radiate out from the stem. Our design turned this part of the mushroom physiology into a stunning feature of the Meadow Mushroom office headquarters. Made of a beautiful hardwood, these ribs create a detailed façade that not only functions as a rainscreen and solar shade, but also looks rich and interesting like the underside of a mushroom. Above it, a clean white flat roof is supported. With a strip of windows tucked to the underside of the roof it makes it look like it’s floating. The structure inspired by nature is a powerful and beautiful way to design, this is called Biomimicry in Architecture. Using natural materials and natures organic forms make our designs sit in harmony with their natural surroundings and (in this case) their function too!

Inside we have kept the function of this headquarters efficient and clean. Encompassing offices, meeting rooms, and a feature kitchen to showcase their products. The floor plan is open and adaptive to our clients needs. As well as the wellbeing of their staff, it is also important the customer has a positive experience of the building. The high spec kitchen shows off the product while looking sheik and stylish. It’s flooded with natural light and finished in high quality materials that ensure its longevity, are easy to clean, and look impressive!

We at W2 look at the full picture when designing your next domestic or commercial project.  We look forward to helping you achieve your next vision from concept through to completion.

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