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How to create a good Interior Design

Our designers are naturals at making a space look and feel good. What factors do they consider when creating a well designed space?

The world is shifting towards prioritizing wellness and encouraging healthier living. The space you live/work/relax in is incredibly important for your mind and body collectively. We look at many important factors including accessibility, demographic diversity, economy, environment and more. These all contribute to the health and wellbeing of people. Our designers understand this and are incredibly talented at translating these tangible elements into a functional space. How do we do this you ask?... We plan, research, coordinate and manage projects from conception to completion. From the style and finish of your Kitchen handles and ensuring bathroom compliance, to how the space ultimately makes you feel in the height of summer or the dead of winter. Interior Design is both creative and incredibly technical.


How does the process work from start to finish when working with our designers?


Right from the beginning our designers can offer as much, or as little help as you require. We typically start with a concept design, these are usually sketchy and inspirational. Through collaborative design workshops, we gain insight into the scope of your project and your stylistic preferences. We then start to gather samples and swatches of colours and finishes we believe our clients will love. These form a ‘mood board’ of textures, colours, finishes and products tailored to your specific brief. Every element contributing to your bespoke space has been extensively researched to ensure its practical application works with its aesthetic function as well.


In our Detailed Design phase we produce technical drawings of every aspect of your project. This encapsulates the functionality, sunlight, shadow, thermal comfort, finishes and overall quality. This phase of development is a coordination of the technical design with suppliers, contractors, Architects and Structural Engineers. The end result is a set of drawings and specification effectively making an instruction set of documents for a builder to construct your project. We can also help manage the build process through site visits, regular progress meetings and behind the scenes coordination. All help you feel at ease with your vision coming to life!


How does good interior design add value to your project?


An Interior Designer is a cost effective profession to help increase your house value. We are up to date on finishes and features that will add value to your space. Designers have the knowledge (and often the contacts) to help you get a cost effective solution for your needs. Our designers can also help you stay on budget and help recognize which elements you can scale back on to cut costs overall. Often our designs cater to your bespoke needs while maintaining a design plan that appeals to a broad range of buyers and highlights the best features of your home. Please come talk to our team today about your project.

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