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Do I need a Building Consent for my project? Here is what you need to know….

Once your concept design is finalized we move to Stage 2 – Developed Design where we produce a set of detailed drawings and specifications ready to submit for the relevant Consent - Building Consent and/or Resource Consent approval! See below for Building Consent explained.


A Building Consent is a document package includes detailed Drawings and Specifications. These are submitted to your local Council which legally allows a landowner to carry out Building projects. It is essential this document complies with the Councils standards and guides in order to gain approval. Our team is incredibly experienced at the rules and regulations of local councils, the Building Code, and navigating alternative designs too!


See below for a summary list of building work that will need consent. You should always check with your local council to confirm, or ask us! (For more information check out this LINK )


  • Structural building projects, encompassing additions, alterations, re-piling, and some demolition work

  • Plumbing and drainage, particularly when introducing an additional sanitary fixture (certain repair and maintenance tasks may be exempt)

  • Relocating an entire building

  • Installing a woodburner or air-conditioning system

  • Construction of retaining walls exceeding 1.5 meters in height (3.0 meters in rural areas if designed by a chartered professional engineer)

  • Erection of fences or walls surpassing 2.5 meters in height, and all projects involving swimming pools and their associated fences

  • Construction of decks, platforms, or bridges elevated more than 1.5 meters above ground level

  • Building of sheds with a floor area greater than 30 square meters (for sheds between 10 and 30 square meters, assistance from a Licensed Building Practitioner (LBP) or engineer is required, or lightweight material must be used in accordance with Acceptable Solution B1/AS1)

  • Certain earthworks activities

There are different types of Consent to apply for. The choice of Consent applications depends on the scale & parameters of your project, and we ensure the selection of the most suitable one. If needed, we tap into our network of specialists to assist in obtaining Building Consent approval. If your project has any natural resources effected or work that may impact your neighbours you may need a Resource Consent. for more information on what a Resource Consent is, and if you need one, see our Article or talk to our team.


What is included in these Building Consent Drawings and Specification?


The Building Consent drawings include floor plans, elevations, sections, and details that inform the construction process. They require detail, precision, and clear communication to avoid any issues. These drawings become the language spoken by architects, engineers, and contractors. Accurate dimensions, material specifications, and construction details are meticulously laid out to ensure a seamless transition from paper to reality. The drawings also serve as a contractual agreement between the architect and the client, providing a roadmap for construction and facilitating a smooth coordination of efforts among various stakeholders. We also produce a Specification that contains extensive detail on the products and finishes of your project. To find out more about these documents see Stage 3 – Detailed Design Explained.


Our team has navigated many projects through Building Consent and are happy to answer any questions you may have.

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