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Deconstruct rather than Demolish

Our team not only construct but we also deconstruct!


Tearing down old buildings wastes a lot of valuable materials, costs money and harms the environment. Instead of that, taking buildings apart (deconstruction) lets us save materials for later. It also makes more jobs, helps local businesses and creativity, can preserve local history, saves money on waste disposal, and cuts down on using new materials that can harm the environment. Even better, cities can make rules that encourage changing old buildings for new needs, so we don't have to get rid of them completely.


Our team at W2 can come up with a strategy to best deconstruct your building. We have a list of trusted contractors who are trained at deconstruction and all works associated. Re-using materials and using a method that is cost effective are two important factors among many we consider. Our team also set requirements and have a rigorous strategy in place to address hazardous dust pollution from demolition projects. It is imperative we make deconstruction safer and facilitate the removal of any hazardous materials.


This project located in Christchurch is one of many we have worked on. Talk to our team today to discuss how it all works.

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