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Dark Bathroom Design – How to pull it off.

Atmospheric shades of black, dark timbers and charcoal grey give a sensation of understated luxury. Dark Bathrooms are elegant, relaxing, and if designed right can be a stunning interior design choice for your home or office.

A common perspective is that dark finishes can be depressing, too heavy or oppressive. With the proper use of light and textures, darker finishes give a feeling of relaxation and intimacy. If you are after something stylish but not too dark, accents of grey work beautifully black. For a rich contemporary look, adding a rich dark brown, or touches of wood with accents in gold or brass look beautiful together.


What to avoid when creating a dark bathroom..


·         Using darker colours in a small space

·         Ignoring accessories

·         Choosing dark finishes for a windowless bathroom


When designing for a small space with limited lighting, try using a mixture of black and white to lighten a space. Using vertical strips can help make the ceiling seem higher too! Another tip our clients like is the strategic use of mirrors, these are a stylish element that helps reflect light into the space, and make it feel bigger. Don’t underestimate how these accessories can completely transform your space. Our experts put together mood boards, samples and can show you examples of how to make your bathroom functional and luxurious. Talk to us today to create your next stylish project.

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