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Beachville Beauty

In the realm of architecture, the elevation of a house offers more than just a view—it presents an opportunity to blend practicality with creativity while respecting the surrounding landscape.

In this wonderful project, currently under construction, we were presented with a challenge - how to maximise on views while also tackling floodplain issues and prevailing weather. Elevating the living area works for several reasons: it captures stunning vistas, addresses floodplain requirements, and provides privacy. This strategic elevation not only provides breathtaking panoramas but also safeguards against potential flooding, ensuring both aesthetic appeal and structural resilience. Our clients can enjoy uninterrupted views to the beach while looking overtop of the footpath outside, making their space open for the sun to stream in, and private.

We designed the layout to also include the outdoor living on the upper level, this created a holistic approach to living – by creating outdoor spaces to protect the interior living space from those blustery easterly winds. Not only sheltering spaces from the wind, but this design strategy also creates intimate spaces and privacy for our clients.


It was also important to our clients that the RV was able to be parked within this elevated space. This high garage not only provides secure parking but also aligns with the overall design, enhancing spatial coherence. We then wrapped the lower level in a beautiful natural stone cladding, the upper level in a Resene Cerano finish, blending tradition with contemporary flair adding to the structure's aesthetic appeal. We are very proud to be part of this project, the results are functional and elegant. Most importantly our clients are very happy with their home. Keep an eye on future articles as we see this beautiful project come to life.

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